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Services We Provide

Web Development & Design

We speciaize in creating custom web designs that are functional, unique, and target our client's audience.

Web Maintenance and Support

We provide much needed web maintenance to keep everything secure.

Search Engine Optimization

We speciaize in creating custom web designs that are functional, unique, and target our client's audience.

IT Support Services

We offer the most innovative, efficient and cost-effective IT solutions available to keep your business moving in the right directio. Our cost effective and scalable service offerings provide clients with the engine to drive technological improvements and deliver results.

Document Management System

Provides you with the ability to capture documents in electronic format and store them on a network or in the cloud for your employees to access almost instantaneously.

User Interface Design

We focus on anticipating what users might need to do and ensuring that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate those actions. UI brings together concepts from interaction design, visual design, and information architecture.

Corporate Design

Outstanding print design is about much more than choosing the right font, the right paper, and avoiding spelling errors. These things are all important, of course, but what's more important is the overall message and branding communicated throughout your print materials.

Logo Design

A logo must communicate your brand in a very small, easy to understand format. It must reflect the look and feel of your business identity so effectively that your customers and potential customers understand the message with nothing more than a glance.

Marketing Materials

Effective marketing materials are crucial to promoting your business and attracting customers. They must represent your business in a consistent manner across all kinds of applications all kinds of applications, while remaining affordable enough to be used frequently adn liberaly.


Our Industries

Provides support for a variety of business systems at insurance companies including contract management, sales support, and client management


Provides support for a variety of business systems at insurance companies including contract management, sales support, and client management.

Virtual Support

Assets Management


Provide and maintain your IT infrastructure so that your company can continue to function seamlessly and efficiently. Our worry-free technology solutions will increase producticity and address common industry concerns.

Data conversion

Quality Assurance


Providing quality bookkeeping and management services to businesses with the emphasis on providing this in a online manner. May it be regular weekly fortnightly or monthly basis, or just need ad hoc assistance, we can help.

Data File Setup

Management Report

Transport & Logistics

Designed and built for the transport industry, our industry-leading technology will provide your business with coprehensive tools to monitor, track, communicate, and review your fleet.

Management System



About Logicor

Who We Are

Logicor is a premiere software company specializing in full-spectrum online logistics software services. We simply help companies deploy a system for logistical operations and services by providing a set of integrated tools for all platforms and devices.

What We Do

We're more than just pretty interfaces. We strive to create and develop identities for organizations, brands and businesses we believe it's about creating tailored fit solutions and unforgetable brand experiences without compromising the functionalities. We blend art and tech with smart thinking to create unique digital experiences. We know what businesses want, where consumers talk and how best to get the results you're looking for.


Logicor is a young company in the logistics software industry. Our entrepreneurial venture has started with a simple desire to help. From that desire and our first-hand experience in Logistics business sprung our aspiration to further help others providing the same or similar businesses.


We are dedicated to maintaining our track record and enjoying partnerships with other companies needing to simplify operations and centralize deployments. We take care of our partners the same way we take care of our services. That is, by maintaining a stringent quality of services.


It is our goal to earn the praises of our customers through high quality service. We do not rest on our duties; rather we work hard to become better. We understand that growth is constant and excellence is only achieved through continuous practice.
Because change is constant, it is our goal to incessantly improve our works and services. Our approach towards continuous improvements allows us to reduce cost, lessen risks, and eliminate inefficiencies.
We take our customers as our main priority; hence we make sure to offer them with the best service possible. We understand that customers take an integral part in our success, without them we cannot function as well. It is our goal to bring customer service through fulfilment operations taking inbound and outbound concerns.


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