Provide and maintain your IT infrastructure so that your company can continue to function seamlessly and efficiently. Our worry-free technology solutions will increase productivity and address common industry concerns.

Data Conversion

Data conversion can be a daunting process, especially when consolidating from multiple, disparate, legacy systems to a single new platform. Risks can be largely mitigated by taking a well thought–out approach, that builds on the industry best practices and experience from previous projects.

24/7 Support

Manages mission-critical insurance applications across multiple platforms, with a track record of exceeding service level agreements and reducing day-to-day support costs. Our comprehensive application and production support services include proactively monitoring application availability, performance, response times, exceptions, faults, and failures.

Quality Assurance

Testing today’s highly complex software is a distinct competency that requires trained specialists, automated tools and a readiness to respond to the cyclical resource demands of release- driven development efforts.