Who We Are...

LogiCoR is a premier software company specializing in full-spectrum online logistics software services. We simply help companies deploy a system for logistical operations and services by providing a set of integrated tools for all platforms and devices.

What We Do...

We’re more than just pretty interfaces; We strive to create and develop identities for organizations, brands and businesses.we believe it’s about creating tailored fit solutions and unforgettable brand experiences without compromising the functionalities. We blend art and tech with smart thinking to create unique digital experiences. We know what businesses want, where consumers talk and how best to get the results you’re looking for.


Logicor is a young company in the logistics software industry. Our entrepreneurial venture has started with a simple desire to help. From that desire and our first-hand experience in Logistics business sprung our aspiration to further help others providing the same or similar businesses.

Our years of experience in Logistics operations has helped us provide a more targeted set of subscription services that practically helps from booking to dispatch to deliveries.


We are dedicated to maintaining our track record and enjoying partnerships with other companies needing to simplify operations and centralize deployments. We take care of our partners the same way we take care of our services. That is, by maintaining a stringent quality of services.


Industry Responsiveness
It is our goal to earn the praises of our customers through high quality service. We do not rest on our duties; rather we work hard to become better. We understand that growth is constant and excellence is only achieved through continuous practice.

Constant Improvement
Because change is constant, it is our goal to incessantly improve our works and services. Our approach towards continuous improvements allows us to reduce cost, lessen risks, and eliminate inefficiencies.

Quality Customer Service
We take our customers as our main priority; hence we make sure to offer them with the best service possible. We understand that customers take an integral part in our success, without them we cannot function as well. It is our goal to bring customer service through fulfilment operations taking inbound and outbound concerns.